Claire Miller

PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics, The University of Melbourne



My name is Claire Miller, and I am an applied mathematician currently studying for my PhD in Melbourne, Australia, submitting in February 2020. My current research is in computational biology, specifically multi-cellular modelling of skin tissue. For more details on this, refer to the research section. In this section, I will instead provide a bit of background about my research journey.

I studied engineering (computational and mechanical, with honours) at the University of Adelaide for my undergraduate degree, before moving to Melbourne to work as a graduate fellow at CSIRO. Whilst at CSIRO, I worked on development of a mathematical model for bushfire progression. This was really exciting work, particularly due to the obvious need for these types of models as, living in Australia, bushfires are so common and can be so devastating. Again, for more details, refer to the research section.

After a couple of years at CSIRO, I decided to go back for further study to get my PhD in applied mathematics. After much searching and talking to many, many, many researchers, I discovered the world of computational biology. Computational biology has so much breadth of opportunity and topics it encompasses, it can push you in any area of applied mathematics you could possibly think of. What excites me most about this area, is thinking about how the fundamental work we are putting in now could have a big impact people’s quality of life in the future. This is the most important thing to me about any research I do.

My current research in the computational biology field sits in multi-celullar systems, and the development of multi-scale models. In the future, I intend to stay in the biology application, but am very open to exploring other sub-fields.

My Research

Other interests

Outside of my research, I love getting outdoors. I try and spend as many weekends as possible either multi-day hiking, bouldering, or skiing in the winter. I also have a website about multi-day hiking in Australia:


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